Tough Dayton DUI Defense From A Team Of Former Prosecutors
Very Few Attorneys In Ohio Can Match Our Success Record

When you’ve been arrested for DUI in Dayton, especially if it’s your first brush with the law, you might believe two things:

  1. The case against you is sound. After all, police stopped you, performed tests, took samples, and arrested you.
  2. The best way through this is to own up to your mistake, plead guilty or no contest, and trust the judge to understand that you’re a good person who has learned an important lesson.

My name is Joe Patituce, and I spent years prosecuting DUI cases just like yours, and I want you to know that both of those beliefs are 100% wrong. If you’ve been arrested in the Dayton area for DUI, I can’t promise to make the charges go away, but the attorneys at Patituce & Associates have fought hard to earn their reputation as tough, aggressive DUI/OVI defense lawyers in Dayton.

Ohio law treats DUI as an extremely serious offense. If you’ve been through this before, you know how important it is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who will put the prosecution on notice that any allegation they make will be scrutinized, argued over, and pushed-back against.

That’s what the attorneys at Patituce & Associates do….. and we do it better than anyone else in Dayton because we’re former prosecutors. We know all the tricks that prosecutors and police use and what to do to counter the evidence they have.

Our approach is simple: Find the weak spot and start chipping away.

While we can’t guarantee a particular outcome in your case, we have an outstanding record of achieving the results our clients want….and need. When you call Patituce & Associates for a free consultation at 937-660-5141, we want to hear all about your DUI/OVI arrest.

There’s no obligation when you call, but we’ll give you our best guess as to what you may be looking at, and how to fight back. Here are just a few of the factors we’ll focus on if you hire us to defend your DUI arrest in Dayton:

  • Was the initial stop legal?
  • What sobriety tests were administered, and what were the conditions in which you were tested?
  • What kind of samples were you asked to provide – breath, blood, urine – and how were samples acquired?
  • Did you comply with testing?

It always amazes me how easily people fall into the idea that because police or the prosecuting attorney say they’re guilty, that they must be guilty. When I was a prosecutor, I saw that psychological quirk used again and again to make citizens feel helpless and keep them from fighting back.

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Dayton, let me fight back for you. Don’t be used by the criminal justice system in Dayton – I will fight hard to see that you have no more exposure to Ohio DUI penalties than absolutely necessary, and if we have a shot at a full acquittal, you better believe I’ll fight for that first.

Call 937-660-5141 today for a free consultation with former prosecutors who can make a big difference in your DUI, right here in Dayton.