Joseph C. Patituce

Position: Managing Partner/Owner

Mr. Patituce has extensive experience in the criminal process from the stages prior to indictment all the way through the appellate process. He brings his long and successful record and his reputation as a trial attorney to the table in helping individuals and corporations seek the results they deserve. In founding Patituce & Associates, LLC, Mr. Patituce shares in the vision that every individual, company, municipality, and corporation needs a voice in the legal process.

A voice in the legal process is important because without it an untrained individual can be quickly lost in the vast array of rules, procedures, and technicalities of the law. Mr. Patituce understands that in the criminal arena a conviction as “minor” as a misdemeanor or as high as a felony can have a lasting and devastating consequences on an individual’s life. In defending clients from DUI/OVI charges Mr. Patituce brings the high level of expertise you would expect out of an attorney that devotes almost half his time to defending DUI cases. Mr. Patituce, while doing DUI defense, has had entire cases dismissed by the judge and entire cases thrown out by juries. He uses the government’s own standards against them to show how unreliable their testing is, and typically when a judge and jury learn how unreliable the testing is – the case works out in the client’s favor.

Mr. Patituce works hard to ensure that the best possible result for any individual in any environment. Mr. Patituce believes that every client is different and every client has different needs specific to them. One of the founding principles of Patituce & Associates, LLC, is that every client deserves quality representation that is tailored to meet their individual needs. In an increasingly electronic world, where crimes happen on the internet or through electronic downloads, Mr. Patituce brings a sophisticated understanding of these types of crimes to Patituce & Associates, LLC.

Education: Cleveland Marshall College of Law – J.D.
State University of New York, Geneseo University – B.S.

Bar Admissions: State of Ohio, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
United States Federal Court – Northern District of Ohio

Mark Wieczorek
Position: Of Counsel

Dayton attorney Mark Wieczorek returned to private practice in 2009 after a successful career as a Hamilton County, Ohio, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.

Mark has secured adjudications in many felony and misdemeanor cases for charges ranging from drug possession and OVI to aggravated robbery, drug trafficking, arson, and rape. He has extensive experience with the discovery phase of criminal cases, which aids him in developing successful litigation theories for his clients.

Having this valuable experience gives Mark the insight and vision to understand how his client’s case will make its way through the court system. Based on his experience and training, Mark analyzes and assess each case to determine where the weak points of the State’s case are and what theory to use to exploit them. In addition, he will identify the strong points, from a defense standpoint, and develop a theory of litigation to convey them to the judge or a jury.

As a defense attorney, Mark has successfully argued numerous motions to suppress based on probable cause to stop, probable cause to arrest, and violations of the defendant’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. He has won numerous appeals pertaining to the Administration License Suspension and has had a number of field sobriety tests suppressed.

Mark has tried cases to both the judge and to a jury with success. He is well educated in the rules of evidence and seasoned in applicable OVI case law. Mark is licensed by the Supreme Court of Ohio, the United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio. He received his Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University and his Bachelor’s degree from Wilmington College, Cum Laude.

Mark is licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio.

Megan M. Patituce

Position: Partner

Megan Patituce is also a former Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor who handled cases of all levels of importance. Attorney Patituce was involved in cases ranging from Capital Murder, Murder, Rape, Assaults, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, and Child Support matters.

As a Partner at Patituce & Associates Megan is responsible for skillfully defending all of her clients whether they are charged with murder, rape, DUI/OVI, or other criminal charges. She brings her analytical background as a patent attorney to the practice of criminal law.

Some people might wonder how well a patent attorney can do in the criminal law field, but those people should consider that so many areas of criminal law involve science that many attorneys are just not equipped to handle. DUIs for instance involve the proper calibration of machines that are influential in determining the guilt or innocence of the suspect. In Murder and Rape cases there is DNA, fingerprints, and other types of scientific evidence that needs to be analyzed. Megan’s background makes her perfect for that.

Megan runs the day to day affairs of the law Firm and prepares almost every DUI for a suppression hearing and trial. She works hand in hand with the other attorneys in the Firm to ensure that they are living up to the high standards of the Firm. She uses her knowledge of NHTSA standards to attack the reports of the police and the position of the government, her knowledge and experience has helped her clients in the past and she is determined to help them in the future.

Mrs. Patituce graduated from The Ohio State University in just three years with a degree in Physics. She then attended Cleveland Marshall College of Law where she obtained her J.D.

Education: Cleveland Marshall College of Law – J.D.
The Ohio State University – B.S. Physics

Bar Admissions: State of Ohio (Up to the Supreme Court of Ohio)
United States Trademark and Patent Attorney