DUI Overview

DUI Overview For Dayton

What Does A DUI In Dayton Mean?

In Ohio, people suspected of drunk driving are charged with “OVI,” or “Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.” Think of DUI and OVI as the same thing, but understand that Ohio’s penalties for drunk driving are some of the toughest in the country, and prosecutors, police, and judges are committed to cracking down hard on people who violate the OVI law.

If you’ve been charged with OVI as a first offender in Dayton, you run the risk of significant penalties if you’re convicted, including:

  • Suspended license for 6 months
  • Fines of more than $1000
  • Up to 6 months in jail

I’ve been in the courtroom on both sides of the aisle – as a prosecutor and as a DUI defense lawyer – and in my experience the difference between people who skate with minimal penalties (or have an even better outcome) and those who get chewed up and spit out by the system is consistently just one thing: A good lawyer.

If cost is a factor, you may be considering a public defender. As a prosecutor, I loved working with public defenders. I’d craft a plea deal that made me look good, take it to them, and chalk up a quick win without ever needing to prove anything in a court of law. Don’t risk your future on overworked, underpaid, inexperienced lawyers. When you need a DUI/OVI lawyer in Dayton, I’m the best choice you can make, and my fees are flat, fair, and extremely affordable when weighed against the high costs of a criminal conviction.

The attorneys at Patituce & Associates know how to fight back against DUI/OVI charges because we’re former prosecutors. We’ve built these cases, and we know how to tear them down. We start at the very beginning, looking into what the police described as probable cause for the stop, and work forward through the evidence, pushing at every little piece of the case against you, looking for the weak spots.

Every case is different, and I’m proud to say that Patituce & Associates has built an exceptional win record for our clients by listening to them and working through their specific case details. We take your experience seriously, and handle your case in a way that best meets your needs.

In some instances, we can make the problem of a DUI/OVI charge disappear. For most of our clients, our job is to fight hard to see that the prosecution doesn’t get away with anything, and to produce the easiest possible outcome that lets our clients get back to their lives promptly and with as little disruption and expense as possible.

We fight every day for people just like you, and we’re among the very best DUI defense lawyers in Ohio. Put our experience to work for you, and put your DUI/OVI experience behind you. Call Patituce & Associates today for a free, no obligation consultation at 937-660-5141.