Serious DUI/OVI Penalties


Ohio means business when it comes to penalizing DUI/OVI offenders. Even if you’re never convicted, at the time of your arrest your license is automatically suspended for a period of at least 90 days, and as long as a year.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI/OVI in Dayton and are wondering whether you should hire an attorney or just go it alone, please understand what you’re up against and what you stand you to lose with a DUI/OVI conviction.

For first offenses, your license can be suspended for as long as three years, though six months is the minimum. You’ll spend a few days in jail – or as long as six months, depending on how the judge reads the facts of your case – and will pay fines up to $1075. Judges have wide discretion about imposing other penalties, including restricted plates and interlock ignition devices, which you’ll have to pay for as well. If you refused a chemical test, or your BAC was .17 or higher, jail time is doubled.

On second offenses, you’ll be wearing orange on the state’s dime for at least ten days, and again, the judge can leave you there for as long as six months. Fines for a second offense go as high as $1625, and you’ll lose your license for one to five years. Meanwhile, your car will sport restricted plates, be immobilized for 90 days, and have an interlock device installed (which you get to pay for) if your offense was alcohol-related. And get used to substance abuse counseling: You’ll be required to have a drug/alcohol assessment and mandatory treatment for your second offense.

If your BAC was .17 or higher, or you refused chemical testing on that second arrest, jail time goes to 20 days (minimum), or a combination of Ohio’s Driver Intervention Program (DIP) and a period of house arrest.

Third offense? No problem – Ohio is only too happy to throw more books at you. How does 30 days to one year in jail, a two- to ten-year license suspension, as much as $2700 in fines, and the state keeping your car sound to you?

On the fourth or fifth conviction, you can be charged with a felony which can turn your life into an absolute disaster.

Here’s the thing: If you’ve been arrested for DUI/OVI in Dayton, your first priority is finding a smart, experienced DUI/OVI lawyer who can get started immediately with removing administrative sanctions, pushing for lesser charges, and building a strong defense that could get you the very minimum of penalties, or even clear you of wrongdoing entirely.

The particulars of your matter will inform the way we proceed, but the former prosecutors at Patituce & Associates know how to fight Ohio’s DUI/OVI laws, and are your very best resource when you’ve been arrested for impaired driving in Dayton. Don’t risk your future. Call Patituce & Associates at 937-660-5141 today for a free, no hassle consultation with some of Dayton’s best DUI/OVI lawyers.